October 18th, between 7:30-10pm

What's the hackNY Masters?

The hackNY Masters is a series of highly technical talks, given by professional software engineers and data scientists to an audience of the brightest students on the East Coast during the bi-annual hackNY hackathon.

How long are the talks?

Each talk will be short: only twenty five minutes long.

What kind of talks are we looking for?

We're looking to expose the students to a higher level of technology than API 101. We're looking for in-depth talks that you might give at a full conference - things like Backbone architecture models, Redis performance tuning, proper Python concurrency patterns, or machine learning techniques. Anything goes, really - as long as it's geared towards hackers at the intermediate level and above.

Why are we doing this?

One goal of the hackNY hackathon is for everyone to learn something. We have historically focused on teaching beginners the ropes, and while we will still be focusing on teaching beginners during this hackathon, we also want our more advanced students to walk away having learned something new about the programming world that they will soon graduate into.

Who are we looking for?

If you're currently a professional programmer of any stripe in NYC and you aren't afraid of smart students asking tough questions, you should submit an abstract. If you're currently a student...why not?! Apply to speak anyway!

What's the hackNY Hackathon?

The hackNY Hackathon is the premier student hackathon in the nation, thrown bi-annually in New York City since 2010. It is organized by hackNY, a nonprofit for students that aims to federate the next generation of NYC hackers.

Call for proposals:

(deadline: October 7th)